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What is Web Development?

Helping you reach a wider range of audience.

A web site is a collection of your web pages or company accessed through the internet. A simple click on a web address or on a link can lead a prospective client to a company site. A website can show pages on information about products and services which may include graphics, text, animation and sound pertaining to a specific business website.
Web site development involves the building of a web site either for the Internet through the World Wide Web or the intranet which is meant for a private network only. Web sites developed can range from static to dynamic functionalities for e-commerce, social networks, blogs etc. Web site development means coding and the creation of CMS or content management system. Web sites can be built from scratch, from themes or can be customized as well according to the demand of the business.

What does a Website do to a Business?

Websites give you an edge from your competitors.

Web sites generally lead a client or a customer to the business home page which of course provides an overview of the business. It also gives detailed information about the products and services and introduces everything that a site offers. Websites are necessary to find information such as if a client is searching for the nearest Italian restaurant aside from completing a task such as searching for the latest software for a certain platform. People now hang around the net for hours every day with the availability of millions of information readily at hand.
Hence, a web site for any business becomes a must to provide all the information about your services products and services, your edge from your competitors as well as your contacts and trading hours. Your website shows your reputation as it can showcase the portfolio and achievements of your business. It is your virtual office as well that attracts visitors on a daily basis. It should be understood well that “You don’t have a business if you do not have a website”.

What Can ENTICE ADS Offer?

Websites that are Cost-efficient and Fully Responsive


Quality is our Priority

The Entice Ads team can build the best, cost-efficient and quality website for your business.


Mobile Responsive

The Entice Ads team creates user-friendly and responsive websites that are fit for any mobile device.


Bug-free & Secured

The Entice Ads team assures that all Websites created are bug-free and secured.


Fast and Well-Documented

The Entice Ads team can deliver on the quickest possible time with the technical support that you need and the full documentation as you need it.


Experienced Designers & developers

The Entice Ads team are composed of experts in the field of Web Design and Web Development who have decades of exposure and practice in the industry.

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We make sure that:

web development
web developmentFull-Widthweb developmentAesthetically Enticing
web developmentResponsive and Mobile-readyweb developmentComplete Business Information
web developmentComplete Contact informationweb developmentSecurity (SSL Certificate)

How Will We Do It?

In just 4 steps, the Entice Ads team can build you the best, cost-efficient and quality website for your business!

web development

Specification Building

This is the stage of researching, determining, and planning of the Purpose, Goals, and Target Audience of the Client and their website.

web development

Design & Layout

During this stage, the website takes shape through a layout. Mock-ups and wireframes are created to determine the look and feel of the site.

web development

Coding & Development

This is where the magic happens c/o our Skilled & Professional Developers. The website is built and constructed based on the determined plan.

web development

Testing & Maintenance

Quality is 1 of our main priorities that's why we make sure that we double check all the standards of the website in all browsers and in all devices.

Our Pricing

Check out Our Competitive Monthly Pricing Below!

WP Set-up / Installation with Backup
5 - 7 Pages
Fully Responsive
1 Month Tech Support
1 Month Site Maintenance
1GB Hosting
Domain Name
WP Set-up / Installation with Backup
10 - 15 Pages
Fully Responsive
2 Months Tech Support
2 Months Site Maintenance
2GB Hosting
Domain Name
Basic SEO
SSL Security
WP Set-up / Installation with Backup
25 - 30 Pages
Fully Responsive
3 Months Tech Support
3 Months Site Maintenance
5GB Hosting
Domain Name
Standard SEO
SSL Security

***Monthly Subscription + 2 mos advance fee.

Still got Questions?

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