Hi-Impact marketing and 101% recall!

What is Adspinning?

We promote and market events, products and ideas.

Adspinning is a marketing strategy wherein a group of skilled, young, energetic and enthusiastic men engage in Extreme Performance Marketing. We were trained for years to communicate what companies want in the most revolutionary and unique strategy. Adspinner Adboards measured at 5’5 contains your company logo, tag lines and the like. By tossing, flipping, spinning the Adboards, the Adspinners virtually catches 101% attention from passers-by, motorists and even the busiest person around the corner. This is our way of instilling on the market’s mind the product, event or idea. Moreover, flipping, tossing and doing awesome exhibitions with our adboards is not the only thing we use to catch attention, we also communicate through our smile and marketing gestures.
Adspinners are not only trained to catch attention, we are trained well to communicate even through our words and gestures. Clients are assured that we carry out their goals clearly as we stick to the given time and instructions while making an impact onto the target market. The Adspinners are the most FLEXIBLE and MOBILE way of communicating to one’s target market.

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Why is it Important?

Adspinning gives 100% impact and exposure for your company.

Marketing of products and services requires impact on the mind of the customers at large. With the average of 60,000 thoughts everyday it is impossible that clients can still recall what they have seen on the streets. However, since adspinning is a very unique activity it basically creates a great impact on the mind of the client which means 100% recall of the advertised products and services. Since adspinning is a revolutionary advertising move it stays on the mind of the one who sees it just about anywhere. This is not just a strategic move but an aggressive one to get hold of customer mind.

What Can ENTICE ADS Offer?

Adspinning Service

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Human Directionals

Unlike other advertising, Adspinners are animated. With our catchy moves we make sure your clients or your clients to be will be entertained and see your ad straight in the eye.

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Hi-Impact Marketing

In Adspinning you are only assured of HI-IMPACT marketing and 101% recall! This is the most affordable, flexible, dynamic and hi-energy advertising that one can avail of!

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100% Recall

Our Adspinners perform outrageous acrobatic stunts with our 5’5 ft. Adboards and are able to stun pedestrians, motorists and the bigger audience.

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Dynamic & Mobile

Performance marketing is our way of attracting the precious attention and recall of the market-at-large whether on the streets, malls, intersections,crowded venues, or basically anywhere.

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Our marketing performance is something stunningly remarkable as it is a unique strategy of creating scenes that will catch the 101% attention of prospective market.

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Still got Questions?

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