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"Entice Ads will provide competitive advantage and it is guaranteed 101% that you will hit your target right on time"

Entice Ads’ credibility was established through trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. Since 2008 we have been true to our word when we have served known companies in the promotion of their services and products. Through years of our marketing promotional services Entice Ads have grown into a more passionate marketing group as we have seen how the customers clamor for something new and different. This time Entice Ads have ventured on enhanced Digital Marketing, Website Development and Event Adspinning which are all reasonably priced and accounted.

As our clients know well, it is Entice Ads’ thrust to focus on what the client desires as we are passionate about straightforward Branding as it is primarily the key to any company’s success. Entice Ads provide marketing and branding services beyond what other agencies offer and promise. Entice Ads as it is primarily comprised of young, innovative and dynamic marketing experts are in the forefront of this product and service campaigns.

Considering that consumers now are highly empowered through the social media and the Internet, it is imminent that there is the need to create an impression and a lasting impact on this ever-changing market through the utilization of the most unique, aggressive and high-impact marketing strategy. As our inspiration evolved out of our aggressive and revolutionary contact with the prospective customers through our popularly known f2f Adspinning and Bike-Ads promotional campaign since 2008, Entice Ads have ventured onto On-line Marketing through years of exposure to advertising and promotion of products and services. The Entice Ads team has earned their credibility as practitioners in the field of web development, search engine optimization and online marketing. The passion to help businesses and clients in their progressive campaign to promote their brand has become an obsession for the Entice Ads team. This is basically what fuels the team’s motivation to create, develop and perfect more innovative and out-of-the-box strategies to market valued customers. The Entice Ads slogan says “HIT YOUR TARGET MARGET” this is straightforward marketing!

What we do.

Every business demands competitiveness to ensure optimum growth through productivity.

Such feat can only be achieved through increased customer satisfaction and company visibility. Both ways will engage the market-at-large which in effect will impact the target that your business requires. Entice Ads Total Marketing Solutions is a one-stop-shop for your Company marketing needs whether you choose the modern or traditional approach. Evidently, the changes in the business landscape have demanded the latest, creatively developed and well- implemented marketing campaign. Determining what works and what doesn’t implicate the resources that have to be utilized by the company. These are necessary facts that are highly considered by Entice Ads in promoting client campaigns whether online or on the field.

“Your business is our business; Your success is our success!”

The design and development of websites for marketing campaigns are highly demanded as websites are indeed efficient. However, websites are not enough if the market does not visit the business sites as evident in low traffic results as gauged by low Analytics.
The Entice Ads SEO Specialists team is passionate in increasing your site traffic whether it is on a weekly or monthly basis. It is guaranteed that your business will hit its target audience in the shortest possible time through all feasible white hat strategies that Entice Ads can offer. It is the SEO team’s passion to see millions of visitors having good customer experience in your website as shown by online analytics.

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"We are 100% Human Directionals!"

Performance marketing is our way of attracting the precious attention and recall of the market-at-large. By performing outrageous acrobatic stunts with our 5’5 ft. Adboards our Adspinners are able to stun pedestrians, motorists and the bigger audience whether on the streets, malls, intersections crowded venues etc.Biker Ads on the other hand attract attention by showing-off their unique trailer with very loud sound system that will surely awaken the bored market!
As HUMAN-DIRECTIONALS, the Adspinners see to it that we direct the biggest traffic towards our beloved clients! What our Adspinners and Biker Ad do entails total recall from the Market-at-large. Our marketing performance is something stunningly remarkable!

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"If you don't have a Website, then you don't have a Business."

Web sites generally lead a client or a customer to the business home page which of course provides an overview of the business. It also gives detailed information about the products and services and introduces everything that a site offers. Websites are necessary to find information such as if a client is searching for the nearest Italian restaurant aside from completing a task such as searching for the latest software for a certain platform. People now hang around the net for hours every day with the availability of millions of information readily at hand.
Hence, a web site for any business becomes a must to provide all the information about your services products and services, your edge from your competitors as well as your contacts and trading hours.

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Our Team.

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J. Read

Founder / Senior Developer

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Junior Web Developer / SEO Specialist

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Junior Web Developer / SEO Specialist

Our Vision

Entice Ads envisions itself to supersede expectations by creating and designing a powerful marketing plan through Digital Advertising, Website development and Adspinning. These services are tailored-fit according to client needs and resources. As Entice Ads have started from the grassroots, it is part of the team’s desire to serve the smallest to the biggest company in their marketing requirements. The same goal allows the team to fuse their varied talents on graphic design, Website Optimization, Website Development, Content Writing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and guerilla marketing to help provide marketing and branding services beyond what other agencies can offer and promise.



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