About Us

ENTICEADS is a property of Adspinners Enterprise. Founded in 2008 by four young men who realized that something can be done to promote labor-intensive enterprises in the Philippines. Hence, the birth of ENTICEADS which promotes human Directional.

Entice is synonymous with the word ‘attract’. The basic aim of Entice Ads is to create a unique strategy of creating scenes that will catch the 101% attention of prospective market. As our tag line suggests, “WE’RE NOT JUST ADS, WE’RE ATTRACTION”.

Performance marketing is our way of attracting the precious attention and recall of the market-at-large. By performing outrageous acrobatic stunts with our 5’5 ft. Adboards our Adspinners are able to stun pedestrians, motorists and the bigger audience whether on the streets, malls, intersections crowded venues etc.Biker Ads on the other hand attract attention by showing-off their unique trailer with very loud sound system that will surely awaken the bored market!

The Adspinners, Biker Ads will definitely bring back to our beloved client every drop of resource and trust they invest on us. We are prompt, professional , credible and service-oriented. Our Adspinners and bikers know their target and that is to MARKET our client to the best of their abilities and skills!

As HUMAN-DIRECTIONAL, the Adspinners and biker Ads sees to it that we direct the biggest traffic towards our beloved clients! What our Adspinners and Biker Ad do entails total recall from the Market-at-large. Our marketing performance is something stunningly remarkable!

Follow up marketing strategy includes the use of WEBSITES and SOCIAL NETWORKS which will feature as well Adspinning performances in videos that will be uploaded in prominent, hi-traffic social networks. These VIRAL VIDEOS will be totally awesome as it will be similar to television commercials but will be visible to billions of WEB USER worldwide without the hassles of expensive air time.

Indeed ENTICEADS offers you the most effective, cost-efficient marketing strategy that is highly dynamic, flexible and innovative!